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Mountaineer Mascot

The Mountaineer mascot is one of the most cherished of all WVU athletic traditions.

Since 1934 the buckskin-clad, rifle toting Mountaineer has been the beloved mascot of WVU. In addition to attending all major sporting events, the mascot is frequently seen around campus and the community.

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Troy Clemons, 2016-2017

Greenbrier County native Troy Clemons currently serves as the University's 64th Mountaineer mascot. The man or woman selected to represent the mascot is chosen each year by the prestigious senior Mountain Honorary. 

The Mountaineer's buckskins, traditionally made from deer hide, are tailored for each mascot. The Mountaineer also wears a coonskin cap and powder horn, and carries a rifle made by Preston County native Marvin Wotring. 

Male Mountaineers customarily grow a beard during their tenure, it's actually not a requirement for the mascot position.

Lawson Hill, 1934-35

Lawson Hill was the first official Mountaineer in 1934.

Boyd "Slim" Arnold, 1937-39

In 1937, Boyd "Slim" Arnold was the first Mountaineer to wear buckskins.

Natalie Tennant, 1990

In 1991, Natalie Tennant was the first female Mountaineer.


Adopted by the University in 2009, this adventurous little beagle is the official best friend of the Mountaineer. He received his name in 2012 after schools across West Virginia provided 115 possibilities from which WVU could choose. 

Musket is a mischievous and adventurous pup — always excited to explore with the Mountaineer at his side. Read about Musket’s adventures in “Let’s Go Mountaineers” and “Musket’s Big Adventure” available at Mascot Books and Amazon