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150 Reasons to Love WVU

From eating Flying WV cookies to conducting world-changing research, there are so many reasons to love WVU. Tell us why YOU love WVU by tagging #WVU150 on Twitter. Our favorites will be added to the list! 

  1. 150 years of history … and the potential for 150 more!

    What things do you think will change in these next 150 years?

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    Pile of WVU 150th birthday celebration buttons
  2. WVU Student Health.

    Always there to keep our students happy and healthy! 

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    School of Pharmacy students discussing medications
  3. LSB's hidden treasures.

    Providing stunning views of Woodburn with plants galore!

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    Woodburn Hall from the vantage point of the Life Sciences building
  4. Spring days at Monongalia County Ballpark.

    Home to WVU Baseball, it’s the perfect location to spend a spring evening.

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    A WVU baseball second baseman attempts to catch a base runner from stealing
  5. Hogwarts – oops, we meant Stewart Hall!

    The home of the one and only President Gee … and to a few ghost stories, too.

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    Stewart Hall from the vantage point of E. Moore Hall
  6. Old Mountaineer Field.

    What is the Life Sciences Building was once the scene of many monumental football victories.

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    Photo of old Mountaineer Field near Woodburn Circle
  7. Media Innovation Center.

    Our Reed College of Media students are using the best technology around.

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    College of Media Professor Bob Britten instructs his class in the Media Innovation Center
  8. The Craft Center at Towers.

    If you need a break from studying, there’s a unique surprise in the basement of Towers. 

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    A man shapes a clay pot
  9. Grabbing Starbucks at Barnes & Noble before class.

    We’d like a venti whatever-will-keep-me-awake-through-this-next-class, please. 

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    A student walking into the Barnes & Noble on WVU's Downtown Campus
  10. Our soil judging team.

    We judge soil better than any other school … and we’re proud of it! 

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    WVU's Soil Judging Team in a field with a "Flying WV" flag
  11. The people.

    No matter where we go, there’s always Mountaineer pride. 

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    WVU President Gordon Gee at a 4-H camp
  12. Our students are working toward a million hours of service!

    A million?! Seriously?! That’s just how much we care about our community.

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    President Gordon Gee posing for a photo with students who are holding a sign that says "I pledge to make the match"
  13. Rocking out to U92.

    One of the best student-run radio stations in the country. 

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    An overhead view of the studio at U92 in the Mountainlair
  14. Reading the DA.

    A staple for more than 100 years on this campus and still bringing you the news three times a week.

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    The outside of The Daily Athenaeum building
  15. The Blue and Gold Mine Sale.

    You just might find that piece of furniture to complete that room of yours. 

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    Community members mingle around tables with goods at the Mine Sale
  16. Knowing you can yell “Let’s go” anywhere in the world, and you’ll probably hear a “Mountaineers!” right back.

    Seriously, try it right now ……… Did it work? 

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    A former Mountaineer Mascot cheering on the WVU football team at a recent game
  17. WVU flags flying all over the world.

    If you look around, you’ll probably see a “Let’s go” flag somewhere near you on vacation. 

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    Former WVU students holding up a "Let's go" flag in Italy 
  18. Selections from WVU Press.

    We’re honored to have such a historic academic press on our campus.

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    WVU Press logo
  19. Nathan Adrian's headbands.

    Seriously, that guy’s hair is amazing.

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    Former basketball player Nathan Adrian dribbles past a defender
  20. Our award-winning WVU News.

    Each semester, a group of Reed College of Media students get real-world experience in front of the camera. 

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    Photo of the cast of WVU News
  21. Tasty food from our Dining Services.

    We've got just about every type of cuisine you can think of ... and it's all yummy! 

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    A staff member from the Hatfields dining facility prepares the buffet
  22. WVU buttons!

    Gotta get 'em all.

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    A student wearing tens of buttons on a name tag
  23. Dana Holgorsen.

    How could you not love that guy? 

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    WVU coach Dana Holgorsen getting ready to embrace a player after a big play
  24. Free T-shirts galore!

    Just saying, you probably won't have to go shopping for clothes for a while.     

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    Respectful Mountaineer t-shirts placed on the bleachers of Milan Puskar Stadium
  25. Cool ideas in the LaunchLab.

    Have an idea for a company or the newest, collect product? The LaunchLab can help with that. 

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    A student working on a guitar
  26. 11 Mountaineers competed in the 2016 Summer Olympics.

    We not only competed ... we won medals! 

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    Photo of three Olympians - Kadeisha Buchanan, Ashley Lawrence and Ginny Trasher
  27. Visiting Jackson's Mill.

    Check this spot out if you're looking for fun summer weekend get-away. 

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    Overhead photo of Jackson's Mill
  28. The pumpkin drop.

    One day each fall, kids from around the area travel to WVU to drop pumpkins off the top of the Engineering Sciences Building. Seriously, it's cool. 

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    Workers survey a pumpkin for breaks after it was dropped from the top of the Engineering Sciences Building
  29. The Homecoming Parade!

    Set up on High Street and watch the fun! 

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    The WVU Alumni Band performing on High Street during the Homecoming Parade
  30. Cook-Hayman Pharmacy Museum at the School of Pharmacy.

    The museum, founded in 1962, is made from fixtures and supplies collected from West Virginia drugstores dating back to the 1800s.  

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    Medications found in the School of Pharmacy Museum
  31. Pausing by the USS WV Mast and memorial.

    Right in the heart of campus you'll find the mast of the historic U.S.S. West Virginia. 

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    The bell of the U.S.S. West Virginia with Woodburn Hall in the background
  32. The PRT.

    We couldn't forget the PRT! It's our one-of-a-kind transportation system. 

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    Students wait for the PRT
  33. Our stellar planetarium

    Free shows and stargazing? Count us in.

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    A student smiles in front of a projection of stars in the planetarium
  34. Rolling out the carpet at the Coliseum.

    “Now, let’s roll out the carpet and bring on the Mountaineers!”

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    A photo from the stands of the WVU baskebtall team entrance
  35. Our award-winning medical center.

    WVU Medicine is ranked the sixth top academic medical center in the country!

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    WVU Hospital in the snow
  36. Our beautiful greenhouse.

    Each spring, the WVU Greenhouse opens and gives you the chance to purchase herbs, vegetable plants and beautiful flowers.  

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    A WVU professor examining tomatoes on a vine
  37. Kiddie Days at the WVU Farm.

    Bring the whole family and check out the animals on our gigantic farm right near campus. 

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    Kids petting a cow at Kiddie Days
  38. Jerry West.

    Can any other school say a former player is the NBA logo?

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    A posed, black-and-white photo of Jerry West dribbling a basketball
  39. More than 100 faculty members researching energy issues.

    Enhancing the way the world is fueled for the future.

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    Dan Carder and his team inspect an engine
  40. Amazing works in the Art Museum.

    WVU’s brand new Art Museum is home to thought-provoking and beautiful art in the state!

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    A woman views some of the art in a gallery at the Art Museum
  41. The Green Bank Observatory.

    Searching for signs of life in the universe? WVU has the perfect partnership for you.

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    The famous Green Bank telescope sits in a quiet field
  42. Fall Family Weekend.

    Bring the fam down to experience a weekend in the life of a college student.

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    A mother and son pose in front of a Mountaineers Go First banner
  43. In spring 2016, our students were awarded 30 global prestigious scholarships and fellowships – the most ever.

    WVU is not only competing with, but is producing, some of the nation’s most elite scholars! 

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    A student with a white coat and gloves works with chemicals in a lab
  44. Being a member of the Big 12.

    The nation’s most thrilling sports all in one conference.

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    Scoreboard at Milan Puskar Stadium with the Big 12 logo
  45. Having the FBI as an academic partner.

    Building partnerships to enhance our student’s futures is the WVU way! 

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    Former WVU Provost Michele Wheatly speaks with partners
  46. Leading in biometric technology research.

    We're setting the trends in this growing industry. 

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    Computer-enhanced image of an eye
  47. Global partnerships.

    We're not only making an impact in West Virginia ... we're all around the world, too! 

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    partnershipsPresident Gordon Gee shaking hands during a photo opportunity at a WVU Medicine event
  48. Our welcoming Visitors Center.

    Have a question about WVU? The Visitors Center surely has the answer.

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    A prospective student looking at one of the interactive displays in the Visitors Center
  49. We have had 19 faculty members named Carnegie Foundation Professors of the Year.

    Proud to be home of the best professors in the world!

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    A WVU professor posing with two WVU-branded robots
  50. Morgantown is one of the best small cities in the nation.

    We can definitely verify that!

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    Woodburn Hall sitting amongst other WVU building from across the Monongahela River