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150 Reasons to Love WVU

From eating Flying WV cookies to conducting world-changing research, there are so many reasons to love WVU. Tell us why YOU love WVU by tagging #WVU150 on Twitter. Our favorites will be added to the list! 

  1. Pausing by the USS WV Mast and memorial.

    Right in the heart of campus you'll find the mast of the historic U.S.S. West Virginia. 

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  2. The PRT.

    We couldn't forget the PRT! It's our one-of-a-kind transportation system. 

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  3. Our stellar planetarium

    Free shows and stargazing? Count us in.

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  4. Rolling out the carpet at the Coliseum.

    “Now, let’s roll out the carpet and bring on the Mountaineers!”

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  5. Our award-winning medical center.

    WVU Medicine is ranked the sixth top academic medical center in the country!

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    wvu medicine
  6. Our beautiful greenhouse.

    Each spring, the WVU Greenhouse opens and gives you the chance to purchase herbs, vegetable plants and beautiful flowers.  

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  7. Kiddie Days at the WVU Farm.

    Bring the whole family and check out the animals on our gigantic farm right near campus. 

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    kiddie days
  8. Jerry West.

    Can any other school say a former player is the NBA logo?

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  9. More than 100 faculty members researching energy issues.

    Enhancing the way the world is fueled for the future.

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  10. Amazing works in the Art Museum.

    WVU’s brand new Art Museum is home to thought-provoking and beautiful art in the state!

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    art museum
  11. The Green Bank Observatory.

    Searching for signs of life in the universe? WVU has the perfect partnership for you.

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  12. Fall Family Weekend.

    Bring the fam down to experience a weekend in the life of a college student.

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    fall family weekend
  13. In spring 2016, our students were awarded 30 global prestigious scholarships and fellowships – the most ever.

    WVU is not only competing with, but is producing, some of the nation’s most elite scholars! 

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  14. Being a member of the Big 12.

    The nation’s most thrilling sports all in one conference.

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    big 12
  15. Having the FBI as an academic partner.

    Building partnerships to enhance our student’s futures is the WVU way! 

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  16. Leading in biometric technology research.

    We're setting the trends in this growing industry. 

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  17. Global partnerships.

    We're not only making an impact in West Virginia ... we're all around the world, too! 

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  18. Our welcoming Visitors Center.

    Have a question about WVU? The Visitors Center surely has the answer.

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    visitors center
  19. We have had 19 faculty members named Carnegie Foundation Professors of the Year.

    Proud to be home of the best professors in the world!

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  20. Morgantown is one of the best small cities in the nation.

    We can definitely verify that!

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  21. Our international students.

    They come from all over, and we never want them to leave!

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    intl students
  22. Leonardo DiCaprio sporting WVU gear.

    Leonardo hasn’t lived in West Virginia or attended WVU, he just has great taste.

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  23. Brad Paisley loves us!

    And we love him!

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  24. Signing your name at the top of Woodburn Hall.

    Be a part of the history that is Woodburn Hall. 

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    woodburn tower
  25. E. Moore Hall has a swimming pool in it!

    Need a quick dip in-between classes? No worries with this hidden pool downtown! 

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  26. Petting therapy dogs.

    Sometimes, all we need are some doggy kisses.

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    petting therapy dogs
  27. We don’t just have one campus … we have five all across our state!

    Five campuses, One WVU!

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    one wvu
  28. Our 14 outstanding schools and colleges.

    From classes to student organizations to projects and events, they do it all.

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  29. Tent City.

    What’s better than a camping outside for a week with 1,000 of your best friends in the middle of campus?

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    tent city
  30. Hoops on the Mountainlair Green.

    You don’t have to go to the Rec to ball out. Just go to the Lair for a pick-up game! 

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  31. The rooftop lounge at Evansdale Crossing.

    Sip on your coffee with a stunning view of campus. 😍

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    evansdale crossing
  32. Soccer on the Rec Center green.

    You’ll find tons of games at the Rec on any sunny day.

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  33. We are ONE WVU – from Morgantown to Beckley to Keyser and all points in between.

    No matter where you’re from or what you do, we’ll always be one.

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    one wvu
  34. Pepperoni rolls a-plenty.

    A West Virginia classic. 😋

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    pep roll
  35. Award-winning Robotics teams.

    We don’t just win NASA’s Robot Competition, we dominate and bring home $750,000. 

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  36. Our $1.4 billion economic impact on West Virginia.

    As West Virginia’s land-grant institution, WVU is working to build a stronger West Virginia. 

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    economic impact
  37. FoodFest and FallFest.

    Our two favorite things: free food and concerts!

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    foodfest fallfest
  38. The excitement of Welcome Week.

    New friends, new adventures, and a new home at WVU.

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    welcome week
  39. Our amazing Libraries and their collections.

    Is there a book out there you need? We’ve got you covered!

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  40. We have the world's first institute devoted to the study of human memory – the Blanchette Rockefeller Neurosciences Institute.

    Working to understand and develop treatments for brain inflammation and cell death that result from stroke is just another way WVU goes first!

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  41. Our favorite puppy, Musket.

    He’s the Mountaineer Mascot’s trusty companion - and he loves a big adventure, too! 

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  42. The Health Sciences pylons.

    For more than 50 years, the pylons have served as a landmark at Health Sciences. 

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  43. Our best-in-the-world rifle team.

    5 straight National Titles! Can’t argue with that. 😉

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  44. Our Extension Service with offices in all 55 counties.

    Showing WVU’s love and continuing education throughout West Virginia!

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  45. Walking through the Core Arboretum.

    Need a little escape from the classroom? We have just the place for you! 

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  46. 25 Rhodes Scholars.

    It's great to know that our history has been filled with 25 of the brightest minds this world has ever seen! 

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  47. Celebrating Mountaineer Week with kettlecorn and funnel cake.

    We put our diets aside for this week … but it's so worth it. 

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    funnel cake
  48. Performances at the CAC.

    From tears of sadness or laughter, our performers know how to put on a show! 

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  49. Having the nation's first University zipline!

    We lead the nation in fun things too. 😉

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  50. The “Flying WV.”

    Our logo is known not just throughout West Virginia but around the world. 

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    flying wv