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150 Reasons to Love WVU

From eating Flying WV cookies to conducting world-changing research, there are so many reasons to love WVU. Tell us why YOU love WVU by tagging #WVU150 on Twitter. Our favorites will be added to the list! 

  1. The scenic views no matter where you go.

    West Virginia - our home among the hills.

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  2. And the Brooks Hall elevator when you don’t have the energy for the stairs.

    Shhhhhh. It’s a secret. 😉

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  3. All 86 steps by the Life Sciences Building.

    No need to use the stair climber at the Rec Center!

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  4. Late night breakfast at Up All Night.

    Who can pass up a free breakfast at 1 a.m.?!

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    upallnight breakfast
  5. Endless selfies with President Gee.

    We love our selfies about as much as President Gee loves his bowties! 

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    gee selfie
  6. Walking through campus on a crisp fall day.

    Lightweight jacket and friends by your side. Can’t get much better. 

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    fall day
  7. Bowling in the Lair.

    Who knew the 'Lair could hold so many fun activities?? We're one of the only universities in the country to have a bowling alley in its student union.

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  8. The Rec Center rock climbing wall.

    Scared of heights? No worries! You’re strapped in! 

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    climbing wall
  9. Our brand new LGBTQ+ Center.

    Because we love and support every Mountaineer! 💛💙

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  10. Bob Huggins aka Huggy Bear!

    We love our Coach Huggins, who knows how to get the job done on and off the court!

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  11. Mountaineer Nation Day.

    The one day each year when we celebrate our Mountaineer spirit! 

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  12. Coopers Rock trips.

    Known for its breathtaking fall views, take a short ride up to see the beauty of West Virginia.

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  13. Over 400 student organizations.

    Quidditch Club, Engineers Without Borders, NAACP, Greek Life, Muslim Student Association, Robotics Club… Should we keep going? 

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    student orgs
  14. Study abroad opportunities.

    Just remember that no matter where you roam, WVU will always be your home!

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    study abroad
  15. Adventure WV trips.

    See the mountains, the valleys, and everything in between from a new perspective.

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  16. Wearing the old gold and blue every day.

    You probably have our colors on right now, don’t ya?

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    gold and blue
  17. “Let’s Go Mountaineers” cheers.

    There’s no better way to cheer on our school.

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  18. The Pride of WV.

    The Mountaineer Marching Band’s performances are like no other. You can always count on them to bring the energy to the stadium.

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  19. Rushing the court after beating the nation’s #1 basketball team.

    We’re getting pretty good at beating the nation’s best.

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    rush court
  20. Stripe the Stadium.

    Our favorite colors combined with our favorite view

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    stripe the stadium
  21. The Coliseum.

    When we’re not at Milan Puskar Stadium, you can catch us at the Coliseum watching our favorite teams.

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  22. Fall Saturdays at Milan Puskar Stadium.

    Watching our team with 60,000 of your closest friends is indescribable.

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  23. The wild and wonderful West Virginia hills.

    You know what they say… “Almost heaven, West Virginia.”

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  24. Alums around the world.

    With more than 190,000 alumni and over 100 WVU Alumni Association chapters, you’re bound to find that “Flying WV” wherever you go.

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  25. We have our own tartan (it was designed by a WVU student).

    President Gordon Gee can even be seen wearing this scarf in the winter months!

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  26. The PRT Cram.

    There’s no better way to celebrate Mountaineer Week than by cramming as many people as possible into a stationary PRT! The record is 97 people.

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    prt cram
  27. The Mountaineer Mascot.

    You’ll never find him without his bucksins, coonskin cap, and rifle - except maybe when he’s in class!

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  28. Our diverse student body.

    Almost 30,000 strong, students come from 107 nations, all 50 U.S. states, and all 55 West Virginia counties.

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    one wvu
  29. Our bowtie-loving president Gordon Gee.

    Did you know he has over 1,000 bowties at Blaney House? 

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  30. “Flying WV” cookies

    Have you ever seen a prettier cookie? We don’t think so.

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    flying wv cookie
  31. 341 majors.

    Trust us when we say that there’s something for everyone here!

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  32. 23 national championships.

    We excel in the classroom and on the field; our most recent national championship comes from our rifle team which has won 19 of those 23 trophies! 

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  33. Pulitzer-prize winning alumni.

    In 2016, alumna Margie Mason earned a Pulitzer Prize - the third in our history.

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  34. World-class research (R1 research status).

    Every day, we’re working to make the world a better place. In 2016, we were named a R1 research institution - the highest classification that exists. 

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    r1 research
  35. The Mountaineer statue.

    This iconic statue sits outside the Mountainlair and is a top spot for a selfie. 

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    mtnr statue
  36. Eating Flying WV waffles.

    Our logo is much better on a waffle with some syrup. Mmmm. 

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  37. Taking pictures of Woodburn Hall.

    There’s not a more picturesque building that we know of, right? 

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  38. Singing Country Roads by John Denver.

    Come on, who doesn’t get chills every time this song comes on?

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    John Denver singing "Country Roads" at Mountaineer Field